Bolton, Greater Manchester

The Book of Inspirational Women is a compilation of extraordinary work and journeys of lives of women in Bolton.

The Book is a tribute to these Inspirational women. These women have triumphed in the face of adversity. They turned their hardships into springboards to reach greater heights and disappointments into personal learning curves to do better for themselves and more importantly, for others around them. They have truly personified “You have not failed until you quit trying.” The Book & Awards are a humble attempt to celebrate these extraordinary women who have selflessly worked hard to put something back into our community. These women are pillars of our community and as an organisation. WiN aims to recognise their achievements and the inspirational work they do. Whether this book inspires you in your own line of work or encourages you to try a bit of volunteering, be a helping hand or a community leader, I hope you enjoy the extraordinary real-life stories and feel as inspired by them as I am.

Gulnaz Brennan

Incredible Stories 2016


Incredible Stories 2014 -15