Bolton, Greater Manchester

Inspirational Women Awards


The Inspirational Women of Bolton Awards   were conceived to recognise and celebrate achievements of women of Bolton. Through the IWA  we have built a remarkable, informal community of influential women determined not only to build fruitful professional and personal relationships with one another, but to be advocates and role models for aspiring new  generation of Bolton talent.
The IWA awards aim to inspire stronger leadership by promoting gender equality.
• Helping women to recognise and develop the talents they have for leadership
• Supporting organisations to promote and progress their women leaders
• Listening and learning from our positive role models  and by taking action to promote equality and diversity
• Influencing and encouraging others to embrace equality and diversity and to join us in taking action.
Gulnaz  Brennan, founder of IWA, is responsible for a portfolio of events and projects in Bolton that engage, empower and celebrate  the successes of women of Bolton.
“We created the Inspirational Women of Bolton Awards to celebrate exceptional work done by women in our communities.  Women  are shaping the future of Britain with immense energy dedication and flair. These awards recognise the incredible work and achievements of our unsung heroes.